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bordino schede2

bordino schede

  • Crash Protected Memory for video & audio recording
    Customer: Infoglobal (ES)
    End Customer: RENFE
    Supply of Crash Protected Memory for video and audio recording of the actives of the train drivers in line with IEC 60571 and IEC 62625-1.

  • Crash Protected Memory for TCMS data recording
    Customer: various
    Supply of a Crash Protected Memory for the TCMS data recording. The units complies with IEC 60571, IEC 62625-1, FRA 49 CFR Part 229 and to IEEE Std 1482.1

  • 901 IC Upgrade
    Customer: Ansaldobreda, Firema, Knorr Bremse
    End Customer: Trenitalia (Flotta Frecciabianca – 901IC)
    Upgrade of the diagnostic system of the Trenitalia Frecciabianca fleet (901 IC).
    Development and supply of the board-to-ground communication system (mobile communication gateway).

  • Door control unit
    Customer: Goriziane Group
    End Customer: Trenord, FER, Ferrovie Umbre
    Development and production of a door control unit for the upgrade of a door system in line with EN1475 requirements. These solutions allows to keep the original mechanic components (doors and frame).

  • MVB-ETH & CAN-ETH Protocol Converter/Gateway
    Customer: various
    Development and production of a MVB-ETH gateways to connect MVB devices to the Ethernet Consist Network.

  • MVB architecture development (Selectron)
    Customer: Selectron (CH)
    Development and supply of various components for MVB applications, to be used as part of an integrated TCMS infrastructure.

  • Seat lighting system
    Customer: Clerprem
    End Customer: SIEMENS
    Development and production of lighting kits integrated into the seats.

  • TRDP project
    Customer: various
    Development of the TRDP communication stack in compliance with the IEC61375 standard.