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bordino schede


The VCU is a vehicle control unit equipped with MVB and Ethernet interfaces fully designed for railway systems applicati on.

The 3U rack VCU handles the I/O MVB and/or Ethernet informati on according to the applicati on soft ware. The applicati on soft ware can be designed using C language or IEC 61131-3 programming languages.

It consists of:
• a power supply;
• a Xilinx Zynq® SoC CPU core with MVB and Ethernet interfaces;
• a modular set of I/O boards.
VCU main tasks are
• To read physical inputs;
• To validate inputs data;
• Excerge data on MVB/ETH;
• Elaborate functions on data;
• To write physical outputs;
• To verify physical outputs;
• Execute diagnostics.


• EN 50155 - IEC 60571 - IEC 61375
• Microprocessor Xilinx Zynq® dual core ARM Cortex A9 + internal FPGA
• 512 MB DDR3
• 32 MB NOR Flash
• SD Card Up to 16 Gb (optional)
• 1 Ethernet 1000/100/10 Base-T (2nd optional)
• 1 MVB bus full redundant EMD class up to 4
• 1 isolated CAN bus (optional)
• I/O slots (up to 8) configurable with:
- 24 Isolated digital inputs board
- 16 Fully isolated digital inputs board
- 8 Isolated digital inputs & 8 isolated digital outputs board
- 16 Isolated digital output & 2 PWM inputs board
- 2 frequency inputs + 4 Analogue inputs + 2 Relays board
- Different I/O configuration available on request