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Bench Test Equipment for LRU & LLRU Equipment
bordino schede


The BTE consists of an Industrial Rack contents all the hardware and mechanical components needs for testi ng the MIOS
Elett ronica devices and used by technicians to perform rapid Go/No-Go testi ng and troubleshooti ng of Line Replacement Unit
(LRU) and Lowest Level Replaceable Unit (LLRU).
BTE Soft ware, developed on Nati onal Instrument environments TestStand and LabVIEW, consists of test sequences and
modules managed to verify proper operati on of the UUT, capture intermitt ent failures, identi fy faults, compile Test Report
and saving Data into the Database.
To check the proper functi onality of the BTE, a Self-Test feature is provided too.

The BTE includes the following Hardware components:
• Industrial PC (Windows based)
• UPS, Laser Printer, QRcode Reader, Keyboard with Touchpad and an 19-inch LCD monitor
• Netgear Switch 10/100 Mbps

Signal Conditioning Drawer and Matrix Relay composed by:

• N° 11 32Ch 2A Relay Boards
• N° 1 8Ch 16A Relay Board
• N° 1 Frequency & PWM Signal Conditi oning Board
• N° 1 Switching Communicati on Bus Relay Board
• N° 2 Loads Board


• CE - IEC 61375 - UIC 556
• External Power supply: 110 Vac - 240 Vac @50-60 Hz up to 5A
• Power consumption: 300W (110 Vac @ 60Hz) typical, depending by
• Operating temperature: 50-86 °F (10-30 °C)
• Storage temperature: 50-104° F (10-40 °C)
• Humidity: 5-90% not condensing
• Dust: office environment, pollution degree 2 according to IEC Standard
• Industrial PC Windows 64-bit OS, Intel Core processor @2.4GHz, 4GB
RAM and 500GB HDD
• National Instruments PXI with DAQ, DMM and Digital I/O Boards
• APC Smart UPS
• TDK Lambda Programmable Power Supplies
• MIOS TCN Gateways, IEC 61375 compliant and UIC 556 certified
• External connectivity:
- N° 1 Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
- N° 2 frontal USB 2.0
- N° 1 DVD/CD R-W drive
• UUT connectivity:
- N° 2 Ethernet 10/100 Mbps with M12 connector
- N° 1 MVB bus
- N° 1 WTB bus
- N° 10 I/O DIN-41612 connectors for each LRU confi gurati on