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bordino schede


The IRIO is an Intelligent Remote I/O unit that can drive proporti onal valves and receive fi eld signals, designed for industrial
applicati ons. The IRIO device has 16 output channels, receive up to 10 analog inputs and up to 8 digital inputs. IRIO uses
Profi Net bus as an interface with the fi eld devices.

It consists of:

• CPU board mounting Xilinx Zynq® SoC core with Ethernet interface
• Two output boards each one capable of driving 8 outputs channel
• One input board with 8 digital input channels and 10 analog input channels, galvanically isolated between each other
• LED display for every in/out channel, and system diagnostic.
IRIO main tasks are:
• Control up to 16 output channels, configurable as steady frequency or PWM;
• Read up to 8 digital inputs from intrinsically safe
• Field sensor
• Read up to 10 analog inputs from intrinsically safe field sensor
• Transmit the acquired signals to a PLC using Fieldbus (Profi Net)
• Receive commands from PLC to acti vate the outputs or advanced functions
• Execute local pre-programmed functions

Other custom functions can be implemented in internal FPGA exploiting the Xilinx Zynq® core


• Nominal power supply: 24 Vdc ± 10%
• Operati ng temperature: -40° +65°C
• Dimensions: 230x165x80 mm
• Output current: 2,5 A max @ 24 Vdc for each output
• PWM output frequency: 10 Hz÷2kHz with 10 Hz steps
• Ramp up/down: from 0 s to 10 s
• Dither : from 0 Hz to 120 Hz
• Isolated Analog inputs : 4...20ma / 0...10V / ±10V
• Isolated d igital inputs : 24 Vdc, Namur sensors
• Microprocessor Xilinx Zynq® dual core ARM Cortex A9 + internal FPGA
• 512 MB DDR3L
• SD card Flash Memory up to 4GB
• 1 Ethernet 10/100 Base-T M12 D-Code
• 1 MVB bus full redundant EMD (ESD and OGF available on request) class up to 4
• 2 Ethernet port 10/100/1000
• ProfiNet fieldbus communication stack