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New UIC556 compliant TCN Gateway now available on the market

MIOS Elettronica homologated his gateway at the UIC accredited laboratory. The technology used in MIOS Elettronica gateways allows to have a standard IEC61375 (TCN) and UIC556 WTB-MVB gateway but also, on the same device, an enhanced WTB and MVB protocol analyzer/logger. Thanks to these enhanced features and their know how, MIOS Elettronica technicians have reduced the time to achieve the homologation and the final product offer better performance, enhanced investigation tools and high reliability.

Crash memory


Jan-2016 – MIOS Elettronica signed a contract with an important customer for the production of Remote I/O for the Chinese market

Jan-2016 - MIOS Elettronica signs an order with an important Spanish customer to supply 500 Crash Memories for high-speed trains.